How to build higher levels of ownership?

Cooperation happens with Sensitiveness

Before discussing traits such as “ownership”, let’s introspect our sensitivity to each other in a social setup. Are we sensitive to the needs of others in a business and social context? Have we insulated ourselves to the extent that we fail to understand people’s perspectives? Ownership comes with sensitivity. In the absence of sensitivity, we would be a rudderless ship. Unfortunately, people often chase lofty goals without.

adequate preparation for the humans who are to build the “Dream” monument. Let’s reflect on rudimentary actions demonstrating sensitivity in a social ecosystem.

It is true that humans can become insensitive to the needs and perspectives of others in social and business contexts, especially when they are focused on achieving their own goals. This can lead to conflicts, misunderstandings, and a lack of empathy, which can ultimately harm relationships and hinder success.

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On the other hand, sensitivity to others’ needs and perspectives is an important trait for effective communication, collaboration, and leadership. It involves listening actively, showing empathy, and being aware of cultural and social differences. By being sensitive to others, we can build trust, establish positive relationships, and create a more inclusive and diverse community.

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In conclusion, ownership and sensitivity are interrelated traits that are important for personal and professional growth. While it is important to have a clear vision and pursue our goals, it is equally important to be aware of and respect the needs and perspectives of others. This can help us build stronger relationships, achieve our goals more effectively, and create a more harmonious society.


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