leadership coaching

Why Leadership Coaching is Important?

Leadership Coaching is gaining more and more prominence in the evolving digital age. The world of business is fast-paced and leadership coaching programs are assisting people to develop leadership traits….

Why Motivational Speech Is Important
Motivational Speaker

7 Ways a Motivational Speaker Can Help You Engage your Teams

As a business leader in India, you know that engaging and motivating your team is key to achieving success. One powerful way to engage and inspire your team is by…

How Coaching Helps Young Executive Face Challenges?

How Coaching Helps Young Executive Face Challenges?

As a young executive at a rapidly growing startup, Swathi was feeling overwhelmed. She had been promoted to a leadership role, but she was struggling to manage her team, meet…

Leadership Traits workshop
Leadership Chakra

Leadership Chakra – 28 Leadership traits to make you a good leader

How do we build higher influence as leaders? How to become a better leader? What are the timeless qualities that have helped leaders to create the right impact?  Through our…




Mindfulness? Oh come on!  Soulfulness Matters the most

Cognizance has evolved with time and so has the human lifestyle. Concepts like mindfulness and awareness are getting a prominent share of human attention. This is making people alter their…

Borderless World

Utilising Music and Poetry for a borderless World

“Music is the universal language of humankind” A border is a geographical and political concept that affects human life every day and the same gets reflected in our business organisations…

director catalyst
Director's Catalyst

Director’s Catalyst

Epicentres of the Change.. I must say here that I have seen very closely the impact of leadership on the morale of people and success of the organisation. Leadership can…

Nature Healing

Nature is healing itself

What kind of planet do we want to leave for the coming generations ? Pandemic has certainly posed concerns for humanity in short term but in long term, it will…