High Impact workshops for building self-awareness

Can we reinspire our timeless wisdom for a better world?

आत्म-जागरूकता के निर्माण के लिए उच्च प्रभाव वाली कार्यशालाएँ

क्या हम एक बेहतर दुनिया के लिए अपने कालातीत ज्ञान को फिर से प्रेरित कर सकते हैं?

(Self-Development and Team Building Workshops For Individuals, Businessowners, Team Members, Team Leaders, Social Entrepreneurs, Politicians)

Markets and ecosystems keep changing. Globally, going forward, Natural and manmade calamities could also propel the nature of constant economic changes even more; Then there are man-made reasons, such as war, inflation, market saturation, technological disruptions, and so much more, that make the markets unstable. One of the top such instances the world recently witnessed was when a global pandemic hit us.

Complex situations can make it difficult for people to meet their expectations of themselves and others. Rekindling timeless wisdom can help build better leaders and teams.

Key Takeaways


Learn to rekindle – faith and trust

Re-establishing the enriching and value adding connections

Build teams with the wisdom of the leadership

Believe in the team to keep to keep progressing

What is REKINDLE all about?

We understand the value of cohesion; It is essential in a fast-paced economy. During difficult situations, people often struggle to come to terms with events like a pay cut, disturbed work-life balance, hypercompetitive situations, and so much more. We often get affected by situations in our personal lives. How do we deal with the opportunities and complexities of the modern world?

Kabir learning Foundation has curated REKINDLE workshops wherein people can use their timeless wisdom to build teams, no matter their workforce’s location or time zone. Rekindle workshops will not just enable a thought process that inspires the teams to become self-aware but also helps the teams to stay connected without losing valuable bonds.


Rekindle has been designed keeping in mind the necessity to strike the right balance between timeless wisdom and modern perspectives. There is a growing need to Rekindle the values that can make us better human beings. There are many simple ways to embrace fresh perspectives gracefully without conflict with timeless values. Build incredible teams globally by Rekindling the human values needed to build great teams.

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We design engagements that are path breaking and Soul stirring.

Our sessions create a deep impact in minds and hearts of people; The experiences from the learning create compelling reasons for people to change their ways of working, build growth for themselves and their teams, and build their organization.

Context of the engagements – Sales Training Interventions, Business Coaching, Service and support team training and coaching, Leadership team training, Coaching of top executives, Team Building sessions, Strategy Kick off sessions.

Are you a CEO, Politician, Social entrepreneur, Business owner, Business Head, Founder of a NGO, Team leader, HR leader wanting to build highly motivated teams? Call us to build a meaningful conversation.

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