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Valued Colleagues and Partners

Padmashree Anwar Khan

Padmasheree Anwar Khan has been a great associate and supporter for Kabir Learning Foundation. He has conducted along with us some sessions where he unfolded the wisdom of timeless Indian wisdom to the senior leadership..

Smita Rao Bellur

Smita has been associated with Kabir Learning Foundation since the stage of ideation. She is a connector between mystical poetry, ancient wisdom and soulful music. As a seasoned Hindustani Classical singer from Jaipur…

Varadayini Gorhe

Varadayini is a resilience expert for high performance teams and competitive sportsmen . She is a sports Psychologist from Loughborough University ( a premier Institute from UK) and she is BA (Psychology) from Mumbai University…

Mir Bassu Khan

Mir Bassu Khan is long standing associate artiste with Kabir Learning Foundation . He comes from a remote village ( Pugal) in Rajasthan . An extremely gifted artiste with deep knowledge of literary works of the mystics. ..

Sridhar Comaravalli

Sridhar Comaravalli is an ex-Bank Manager turned freelance Cartoonist. He is a long-time associate with Groval Euler’s group and Kabir Learning Foundation. It was in May 2011 that he posted a Cartoon on Facebook…

Leadership Development

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