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The objective of a leadership workshops is to build higher levels of perceptiveness and self-awareness required for building future-ready teams.

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Mindfullness? Come on! Soulfulness is the need of the hour.
Dinkar Rao

(People Enabler and Executive Coach)

High Impact Leadership Training Programmes

Motivate and Inspire your cross-functional teams towards building a Growth Mindset

Leadership Training

Using Timeless Wisdom to Collaborate Better, Inspire People and Build better teams

Kabir Learning utilises the timeless wisdom of mystics to inspire higher levels of self-awareness, inclusiveness and meaningful growth. We make intersectional journeys with social enterprises to rekindle timeless values crucial to building better teams.

Social entrepreneurs curate our Life coaching sessions.

Leadership Development

Leadership Training Program & Team Building Workshops

Build deeper connections with people and influence outcomes crucial for a sustainable business. Long-term and short-term engagements to build leadership capabilities can be designed based on your needs and situations.

Motivation and Inspiration are needed for one and all to build greater possibilities for an organisation.

Using Timeless Wisdom to Collaborate Better, Inspire People and Build better teams

Kabir Learning utilises the timeless wisdom of mystics to inspire higher levels of self-awareness, inclusiveness and meaningful growth. We do intersectional journeys with social enterprises to rekindle timeless values crucial to building better teams. Social entrepreneurs curate our Life coaching sessions.

leadership academy

Executive Presence & Influence

Develop insights to enable “Change” & embrace meaningful “Challenge”

Duration: 8 Sessions (Online & Offline)

Leadership Academy

Building CEO Mindset

Develop detail orientation & strategic thought leadership

Duration: 8 Sessions (Online & Offline)

Leadership Academy

High Touch Service

Get deep insight into caring & customer centric service culture

Duration: 8 Sessions (Online & Offline)

Leadership Academy

Collaborate and Synergise

Put the organisation on a fast track for innovation the ecosystem

Duration: 8 Sessions (Online & Offline)

Leadership Academy

Effective Manager

Improve resilience, flexibility & abilities to connect with the next generation

Duration: 8 Sessions (Online & Offline)

leadership academy

Inspirational Leadership

Find emotional wellness into the organization and people

Duration: 8 Sessions (Online & Offline)

Leadership workshops and Development Programs

Taking better decisions in the VUCA World

Leadership Academy

Team Building – Intersectional Learning – Inspirational Leadership

Happiness lies within ourselves and realising the same gets complicated due to our ways of viewing the world. Tremendous work has been done by Indian mystics to ignite timeless and powerful thoughts of Inclusiveness.

Leadership Academy

How do we deal with chaos? How to make wiser decisions – In this Volatile, Uncertain, Complex world.

We need to balance between “Me” and “We”. Are our people inspired enough with the dreams of our organization? Are we all connected to a common dream? Do we invest our attention to inspire and re-inspire our people?

Consultant’s Background (Dinkar)


Years In Business Management


Business Professionals Enabled


Companies Enabled


Years In Business Performance Consulting

Past Projects – Enabling Sales and Leadership Capability with Business Growth – Experience snapshot

What do the participants gain?

Business Leadership academy

(Leadership development session for a global leadership team from a European MNC)

The Deliverables From  Leadership Coaching and Training


Leaders start working with an authentic and reliable team


Team members work more transparently and become action oriented


Team starts respecting the value of resources and people around


Build Collaborative partnerships within the organisation


Start showing more respect to Timeless Values and Wisdom


Leaders can build more productive and proactive teams


Future readiness with a sense of accountability


Identify the credibility and authenticity of members

High Impact Leadership Workshops

Team building followed by Leadership workshops

It is crucial for an organisation to build future-ready teams. A leader’s job is to constantly explore ways to build better practices for the organisation through the right and willing people. It is known to many successful companies that business objectives can be enabled by building the synergies of the team. We enable team synergies by building higher levels of self-awareness, emotional intelligence and collaborative behaviour.

What is the unique value of our team-building workshop?


Create profound and long-lasting reflecting reflections


Build sharpness and awareness to observe the business situations and take the right measures to grow to


Build better people leaders


Build higher levels of empathy, emotional intelligence and collaboration


Build better teams


Enable healthy retention of the right employees

Leadership academy

Team building followed by Leadership Coaching – Global senior management team

Senior leadership Team building Journey for a bright team of business leaders from an MNC Technology Company. Team members were from Asia, Africa and the Middle east. The purpose was to positively trigger the inner inspiration towards better connectedness as a team and to enhance the efforts to build a better business. This was done just at the beginning of a financial year to bring people on a common platform of understanding.

Leadership Academy

Strategic Team-building offsite with a focus on Future Readiness – Senior and Top Management Team

See this video – It’s about Senior leadership development engagement to develop higher levels of readiness for the future. How do we “Switch” to higher Wavelengths in our senior leadership team? A very soulful engagement to get diverse perspectives from a high calibre team from a conglomerate MNC ( Danaher Group)

Leadership Academy

Team building followed by Strategic Thought leadership Coaching – Senior and Top Management Team

As they say, experience is the best Teacher. One way to learn is to wait for experiences to teach us vital things for a better life; another way is to proactively simulate an experience that can enable faster, more impactful and more valuable learning based on the context of the situations. Our team-building sessions are full of authentic and collaborative learning. Such team-building sessions are followed by one-on-one coaching to lead the leaders to the next level.

Leadership training

Team Building Session for Leaders – Middle Management

Do we want our teams to practise the organisation’s values on a day-to-day basis? Check out one of the examples mentioned in this video. Immersion of organisation Values into leadership behaviour was the theme behind the initiative. We did this for a Global Danish Pharmaceutical Company.

What could be the outcomes from our leadership building workshop?


Leaders work with authentic team members


Team members work more transparently


Team starts respecting the value of resources


Team members start respecting the value of time and money


Identify the credibility and authenticity of members


Build Collaborative partnerships within the organisation

Purpose of Kabir Learning Foundation –

Building Soulfulness in the leadership


Develop the required levels of emotional intelligence for a leadership position


Identify distractions and minimize them


Execute long lasting changes that can give sustainable results

Why Us – Creating Experiences Through Powerful Sojourns

We have enabled organisations to build future ready teams through our interventions and journeys

Leadership Academy
Leadership Academy
Leadership Academy
Leadership Academy


Tips from Mystics

Leadership Traits

Kabir Das

(A 15th-century Indian mystic poet and saint)

अति हठ मत कर बाँवरे, हठ से बात न होय |
ज्यूँ ज्यूँ भीजे कामरी, त्यों त्यों भारी होय ॥

“Ati haT mat kar baavre, haT se baat na hoye,
Jyun jyun bheeje kaamri, tyun tyun bhaari hoye”

Don’t be obstinate you crazy one, obstinacy doesn’t serve any purpose, Kabir gives the analogy of obstinate nature being like ego getting soaked with pride and getting heavy just as a blanket gets heavier when wet.

माटी कहै कुम्हार से, क्या तू रौंदे मोहि ।
इक दिन ऐसा होयेगा, मैं रौंदूंगी तोहि ॥

“Maati kahai kumhaar se, kya tu raunde mohi,
Ik din aisa hoyegaa, main raundungi tohi”

The clay tells the potter, “O Potter, what will you trample me, there will be a time in future when I trample on you”. Kabir warns of the dangers of going against nature, goodness etc with pride/arrogance/egotism and says that one day the tables could be turned against us too.

बुरा जो देखन मैं चला, बुरा न मिलिया कोय |
जो दिल खोजा आपना, मुझसे बुरा ना कोय ॥

“Kabir Ke Dohe Bura Jo Dekhan Main Chala Bura Na Milya Koi”

Our “I“, the ego, always tries to put blame on others. Non-awareness of ourselves is the cause of this attitude. Resultantly, we find ourselves being busy criticizing and condemning others and conveniently terming them as crooked or evil.

चलती चाकी देख के, दिया कबीरा रोय ।
दो पाटन बीच आय के साबुत गया न कोय ॥

“Chalti chaakhi dekhke, diya Kabeera roye,
do paatan beech aay ke saabut gaya na koye”

In this world of duality, the two grinding stones of the mill – happiness and sorrow or vanity and affection. Kabir says, “I feel sad for the one who has not attained knowledge, for he gets caught between these two grinding stones of duality and cannot survive”.

मन के हारै हार है, मन के जीतै जीत |
कहैं कबीर गुरु पाईये मन ही के प्रतीत ॥

“Mun ke haarai haar hai, man ke jeetai jeet,
kahain “Kabir” guru paayiye, mun hee ke prateet”

When the mind thinks ‘failure’, defeat/failure is bound to come, whereas when the mind thinks “victory” and marches ahead with belief, courage and zeal, one gets success. Kabir says, “is there is true faith and firm conviction, then one can also get a competent Satguru too” – as the mind.

Business Coaching Engagements (Some Examples)

leadership development
leadership development
leadership development
leadership development program
leadership development
leadership development
leadership development
leadership development
leadership development
leadership development program
leadership development
leadership development
leadership development
leadership development
leadership development program

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Frequently Asked Question

Who can benefit from leadership training?

Everyone can benefit from leadership training. Leadership is not just a skill that can be acquired but a crucial behaviour, a shift of mindset. Leadership insight must be instilled in an individual right from the beginning of their professional journey. The training and discipline required to inspire the growth mindset needs continuous efforts towards training and coaching of certain leadership traits . When individuals seek leadership training, it helps them become better leaders and professionals. They acquire skills like
building trust, managing time, communicating effectively, and influencing people. These are some of the aspects that play a key role in growth. Leadership isn’t just about managing a team. You could be an individual contributor or a part of a team and still lead. It is your perspective that sets you apart. So, leadership training can benefit all – a corporate employee, someone associated with the NGO, or someone in the social sector can benefit massively, irrespective of their level.

What are the key components of leadership training?

Leadership training focuses on two key aspects from the evolution perspectuve – shortterm goals and long-term goals. Short-term goals look at the immediate requirement, changes that can be bright about probably within the next six months, while long-term goals build an impact over the course of the next 2-3 years. Some of the skills that are a part of the short-term goals include the art of influencing people, building professional relationships with stakeholders, building gravitas, and learning to adapt a result-focused approach. However, long-term goals are designed to help individuals evolve into a better version. From learning and unlearning to reorienting the organisational goals and building a culture that employees want to be in are a part of the long-term goals. Some organisations can have a mix of both models and mix and
match depending upon the priorities.

How can I find a suitable leadership training program?

Every individual’s needs are different when it comes to leadership training. The first step is to introspect on what you are seeking. There are two ways to clarify this: conduct your research, analyse your goals and pick a coach. The other way is to get on a discovery call with a coach after you have matched the coach’s basic requirements is by looking into their website. It is important to remember that any good coach with a decent track record, will not agree to a free counselling session. Hence, it is important to conduct thorough research before you bring them aboard as a coach. The challenge is that most individuals seeking coaching fail to conduct detailed research about the
coach. Often when they receive a call from the coach, they lack a clear context of what was their enquiry about. It tramples the image of the person seeking help. When planning to take coaching, individuals should be serious from day one. The question you should ask is “How can the coach do support your objectives ” ? When seeking help on what training is right for you, it is best to be honest and open.

How can the effectiveness of the training be measured?

The effectiveness of the training is based on the KPIs agreed upon by both parties. These KPIs need to be set after the discovery call, depending on what it is the individual is looking to achieve from the coaching – both short-term and long-term. It is important to note that the relationship between an individual seeking leadership training and the coach is based on trust. The coachee should take the journey seriously and be accountable to hold up his end of the bargain in terms of the goals to be achieved. To analyze if the engagement is working or not, it is the KPIs that you should seek. What is important in the process is to put efforts that take you on the path of guaranteeing results.

What kind of leadership coaching can be effective for leaders?

The method every coach adapts and the one that suits the coachee varies to a high degree. When the coachee and the coach agree upon the specific KPIs, the coachee should focus on improving their attitude and aptitude. The goal is to move ahead and perform better than when you started. And while the coach is accountable to a certain degree and in certain areas, it is the coachee who holds the major responsibility to implement the actions.

What are the goals of leadership coaching?

The main goal of leadership coaching is to help an individual become better and grow in the parameters that they are willing to. The goals that need to be set depend upon the personal and professional goals of the coachee. The main goal, although, is to enable the coachee to become accountable for their own growth and success.

Is leadership coaching confidential?

Yes, leadership coaching is 100% confidential. However, confidentiality has to be maintained by both parties.

Is coaching ongoing or one-time?

The duration of the coaching is dependent upon the degree of evolution that the leaders are looking for. For some organizations, it is just a one-time thing where the coach paves the path and helps set the direction for the leaders and then it is done. For others, it is an ongoing practice. The longer an individual is associated with the coach, the better the results are in terms of evolution. In ongoing leadership coaching, individuals get deeper insights that help them at every stage of their profession. For example, an individual seeks coaching at a junior manager level. The skills and degree of evolution they would need when reaching the C-suite level are different and guidance at all stages is extremely important.

What is the difference between mentorship and coaching?

While a mentor is someone who is a subject matter expert, a coach gives a broad vision of the techniques and skills needed for holistic growth. In coaching, there is a process set that is agreed upon and goals that are chased. Mentoring is more about polishing technical skills. For example, a coach who has trained leaders in sports can help individuals in the IT sector. Coaching is aimed at overall development and making space for the leaders to explore, experience, understand, introspect, and grow. While the mentor can be prescriptive because of their in-depth knowledge of the subject, a coach is always subjective. They might not have the technical skills, they are instrumental in helping leaders gain skills that prove them as leaders.

What are the benefits of participating in a leadership program?

Leadership training programs make space for holistic growth. It helps in building selfawareness, validating ideas that might run through your mind, and creating fresh perspectives. Coaching also gives you a neutral entity that would not disregard your opinions and emotions based on bias. Many people consider discussing their doubts and concerns with someone who is not from the organization and has no intent of sabotaging them. The experience and expertise that coaches come with also help instill a sense of confidence among the coachees. Being confidential, coaching is also a safe space for many people dealing with complex professional issues.

What topics are included in the program?

While the topic to be included depends mostly on the leaders, some of the most common topics include becoming successful in business, developing abilities to influence people, becoming a better people person, building higher levels of collaboration, and evolution of professional character.

Leadership Development

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