High Impact workshops for building the Team spirit

Can we build synergistic teams in a fast paced self-centred world?

टीम भावना के निर्माण के लिए उच्च प्रभाव वाली कार्यशालाएँ

क्या हम एक तेज-तर्रार आत्म-केंद्रित दुनिया में सहक्रियात्मक टीमों का निर्माण कर सकते है

(Self-Development and Team Building Workshops For Individuals, Business owners, Team Members, Team Leaders, Social Entrepreneurs, Politicians)

Modern world has many blessings and it has certainly enabled economies and Income levels of people to the next level. We do have a society with all kinds of magnificent possibilities. Technology has made our lifestyle much better.

We have best of the enablers to make things happen. However, how are we when it comes to our ways of working with each other? How do we work as teams? When we talk about Corporate culture, what is the one major aspect which possibly everyone may want to change? Is it culture of the blame game?

If there is a weak sense of ownership it could result in apathy /indifference in the workspace. Can we build better teams in a fast paced self-centred world? Do you want to build better teams that have higher synergies?

Key Takeaways


Learn to take ownership and build personal accountability

Build higher levels of empathy and emotional intelligence

Learn to fall in love with what you do every day

Strike the right balance between independence and interdependence in the workplace


We often need a gentle push and nudging to start thinking differently in challenging situations. Humans often get clouded with negative thought patterns and self-limiting beliefs. Sometimes, we don’t even understand that we are getting let down by our self-limiting mindset. Our perceptions silently enslave our strengths and hinder magnificent possibilities. How do we overcome our self-limiting thought patterns? How can we “Switch” ourselves to the empowered and altered states of awareness? Our sessions primarily focus on creating more empowering thought patterns within individuals and teams.

Utilising SWITCH

We aim to make essential crossovers of life effortless through intersectional and experiential learning. SWITCH workshops can help us take ownership of our professional and personal lives with equanimity. When we learn to take complete ownership, willingly accept the mistakes that we have committed, and work towards enhancing ourselves significantly, we start noticing a mighty revolution in our lives. Our “Switch” sessions build next-level readiness in people to take on more significant responsibilities in life.

Once we have achieved the sense of owning something, it helps us feel independent of external pressures. And self-empowerment can only be achieved when we build immunity towards the toxic thoughts within and around ourselves.

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