Continuous Improvement requires persistent efforts

(Build Changes the Zen way)

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Change Management Initiatives

It is crucial for an organisation to build future-ready teams. A leader’s job is to constantly explore ways to build better practices for the organisation through the right and willing people. It is known to many successful companies that the Business objectives can be enabled by building the synergies of the team. We enable team synergies by building higher levels of self-awareness, emotional intelligence and collaborative behaviours.

Why do we change management initiatives?

  • Create profound and long-lasting reflections
  • Build higher levels of empathy, emotional intelligence and collaboration
  • Build sharpness and awareness to observe the business situations and take the right measures to grow
  • Build better teams
  • Build better people leaders
  • Enable healthy retention of the right employees

Team building followed by Business Coaching

change management training

Senior leadership Team building Journey for a bright team of business leaders from an MNC Technology Company.

The participants were from Asia, Africa and the Middle east. The purpose was to positively trigger the remind inner inspiration towards better connectedness as a team and to enhance the efforts to build a better business. This was done just at the beginning of a financial year to bring people on a common platform of understanding.

What could be the outcomes from such sessions? * Leaders work with authentic team members * Team members work more transparently * Team starts respecting the value of resources * Team members start respecting the value of time and money * Identify the credibility and authenticity of members * Build Collaborative partnerships within the organisation

Team building followed by Strategic Thought Leadership Coaching

As they say, experience is the best Teacher. One way to learn is to wait for experiences to teach us vital things for a better life; another way is to proactively simulate an experience that can enable faster, more impactful and more valuable learning based on the context of the situations. Our team-building sessions are full of authentic and collaborative learning. Such team-building sessions are followed by one-on-one coaching to lead the leaders to the next level.

Change Management training

Strategic Team – Building offsite with a focus on Future Readiness

– Senior and Top Management Team

Change Management training

How do we “Switch” to higher Wavelengths in our senior leadership team? A very soulful engagement to get diverse perspectives from a high calibre team from a conglomerate MNC (Danaher Group)

Some questions for growing organisations – Are we aligning our business objectives with the expectations of this generation? How much fresh thought goes into the building of our businesses? Are we enabling the generation Y in value assimilation, so that when they enter our portals, they are enthusiastic and eager to learn? Do we understand how we connect better? Do we want to build future-ready teams?

Team Building session for Team Leaders

– Senior and Top Management Team

Do we want our teams to practise the organisation’s values on a day-to-day basis? Check out one of the examples mentioned in this video. Immersion of organisation Values into leadership behaviour was the theme behind the initiative. We did this for a Global Danish Pharmaceutical Company.

Change management training
Leadership Development

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