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“All our dreams can come true if we dare to pursue them” – Walt Disney. 

It is essential to be inspired and motivated to succeed in life. We often look outside for motivation—friends, family, colleagues, partners, etc. But in an attempt to find motivation elsewhere, we forget an essential thing—no one can inspire or motivate yourself like you do. Nobody knows you better than yourself, not even those you think are closest to you.

But motivating yourself is easier said than done. Sometimes, it can feel like looking far and wide just to get simple things done. We live a fast life, and so much is happening around us. And being at the top of everything isn’t always that easy. In my years of experience as a professional coach, I have understood that being self-motivated and self-driven is a mindset. And even the top leaders seek coaching to build that mindset. 

Why do we lack motivation?

Before we get into how to keep ourselves motivated, it is key to understand the reasons that lead to a lack of motivation. Is it something that you are doing to yourself, or are there external factors? Let us delve deep:

  • Self-doubts:

    Just like we can be our biggest cheerleaders, we can also be our worst critics. This can lead to a lack of motivation, especially for tasks requiring more confidence. Fear plays a big part here. We want to succeed, and then societal pressures compel us to think of failure as pure evil. However, it is just a stepping stone to success.
  • Stretching your limits beyond the possible capacity:

    Everyone talks about how great breaking boundaries is. Not necessarily; it is a good thing. We have been conditioned to think that we must always choose the difficult path to achieve success. But why? And especially when we are not ready? Taking the easy route isn’t essentially a bad thing. Having a lot on your plate and being compelled to do more can throw motivation out the window. 
  • Procrastination and avoidance:

    Sometimes, we have a preconceived notion of a job. We assume that it will bring us discomfort, which can lead to an additional need for motivation. When we can’t find the motivation, we tend to procrastinate and even attempt to avoid it altogether. More often than not, this is not the solution. 


  • A lack of passion for the task:

    This is often one of the easiest things to identify. It is hard to find motivation for tasks we are not passionate about. But it is essential to understand that not everything in life can excite us at a similar level. We need to go through with doing them anyway. Finding your motivation despite the lack of excitement and interest is essential. 


  • Not knowing the reason:

    Whether on the personal or professional front, finding the why is essential to performing a task in the best possible manner. Passion or not, finding the reason and the results that your action can deliver can help you find your motivation. 

Self-motivating Techniques That Can Help

Over the years, I have worked with many business owners and leaders, and I have concluded that each person is different. So is their motivation and the technique for building a self-motivated mindset. Like other things, finding the best possible solutions is also a matter of trial and error. Some ways can help you create a self-motivated mindset. 

  • Take charge of your life:

    Don’t just say it. But firmly believe that it is your life and only you can bring a change or build the life of your dreams. Criticising yourself now and then is fine. But don’t be too harsh on yourself at all times. Self-motivation is hard because you alone know all of your good, bad, and ugly. There could be underlying issues preventing you from achieving your complete potential. You need to make progress, even if that means you fail. You can rely on others for some form of motivation, but at the end of the day, your decisions impact you. And you should be proud of them. Take charge and make a difference. 


  • Create positive, empowering beliefs:

    You are the only person who can limit you from achieving your complete potential. If you can’t motivate yourself enough, you lack the mindset. As a coach, I have witnessed positive affirmations significantly impact people’s lives. While I understand this cannot be achieved overnight, you can attempt to train your mind for positive reinforcements. Simple things like waking in the morning, looking in the mirror, and just telling yourself that you can ace today’s important presentation, for example, can work like a charm. Talking to yourself and training your brain to look past the negatives can genuinely help. 


  • Create your unique action plan:

    Here’s the thing – not everything will work as you planned them. Some will fall right through the roof. However, creating an action plan means preparing plans B and C. Identify your purpose and create a series of steps to help you achieve the goal despite all the barriers. Look at your plan over and over again. Make modifications wherever you deem fit. Go back to this plan along the journey to your goal and add additional motivation techniques when things get challenging. But never give up. An action plan also helps you hold it together when things fall apart. 


  • Use the power of music:

    You might only sometimes understand how this works. But our brains are wired to respond to music positively. Self-motivation can also go amiss when you feel down. Tapping into the beats of your favourite music can elevate your mood and energy levels almost instantly. You will see many people plug into music while they are working or after a long, hard day. The reason is simple. It soothes the mind and gives the energy to bounce back – more vital than before. It is always wise to carry a pair of earbuds and plug for a jolt of self-motivation. 


  • Step outdoors:

    Everyone has a downtime, even the most energetic people. We often spend much time behind our screens, in a cubicle, which can pull us down. While training your mind to self-motivate, avoid staying confined in your office all day. Step outside, ideally in nature, and feel the aura working on your mind and body. Getting outside and spending time in nature is a great way to take a break and take your mind off of things. It also helps boost your energy and train your mind to self-motivation. 

Building a self-motivated mindset is a skill you will need throughout your life. It helps you find your purpose, stick to values, and seek meaning in life. Self-motivation doesn’t come easy to everyone. To exchange more thoughts on having a self-motivated mindset,  write to me at dinkar@kabirlearning.com

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