Mindfulness? Oh come on!  Soulfulness Matters the most

Cognizance has evolved with time and so has the human lifestyle. Concepts like mindfulness and awareness are getting a prominent share of human attention. This is making people alter their lifestyle practices and make drastic changes. 

While we are on the wagon of changes, a much more impactful journey to aim for, is soulfulness. 

Soulfulness is the ability to unite one’s soul with that of the universe to pull away from the insignificant things and get clarity on the significant things. This doesn’t mean going off the grid or complete backtracking. It just means that one learns to live soulfully within the everyday regime and make choices that support this mindset. 

Mindfulness takes a person to the stage of being aware of one’s thoughts and actions while soulfulness makes them add the quotient of passion and purpose to it. A life lived with passion and purpose is a life fully lived. 

In a slightly different tonality, Sri Ramana Maharshi says, “Never mind the mind”, which essentially means that one needs to move beyond the nitty-gritty and logical reasoning of life. This is also to say that the emphasis on reasoning and the logical path is shallow and one needs to look beyond it. 

Western philosophy has overemphasized reasoning and this one-way street is now leading people toward a u-turn. The turn towards soulfulness. 

It is often perceived that soulfulness is lying on the beach, going for a trek or soaking your legs in a pool but that is just momentary delight and not soulfulness. Soulfulness is when we start to live every day with the approach of feeling full, living with empathy, compassion and slowing down our thoughts for clarity. 

It is about being able to navigate our emotions amidst people and situations. It is a lot of work on the inside than on the outside. 

How to get to living soulfully? 

People often say that art and spirituality transcend them to a different dimension of thinking, feeling and being. People have used music, poetry, paintings, sculpting and several art forms to go deeper and broader. 

As philosophical as this may sound, most successful people invest a lot of time with themselves, their mind and their soul. This could be accompanied by art or the means of spirituality. This helps us become more vulnerable, receptive, and seeking and helps us gain clarity over our choices and possibilities. 

It could be as simple as a Sales Head trying to fix the issue of consistency of the team or a Marketing manager trying to align the buyer personas, people start getting into the crux of the issues and not just think or act superficially. 

The mind rests on the fact that everything is logical. On the contrary, as explained by David Hawkins, love, joy, peace and enlightenment are greater levels of consciousness. We believe that these can be attained by living soulfully. 

A simple question to justify this approach

Is there logic behind love? 

Knowing that the answer to this is no, it is safe to say that it is good to move beyond logic and aim for love and passion as the journey and not a destination. 

“The soul usually knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind” 

Every day can be richer and more soulful by going deeper into ourselves, aligning with art and enabling ourselves to reach the darkest of our places inside. There is always light in the tunnel if we know how far to go. 

The more we work inwards, the more we can branch outwards. 

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A publication of Kabir Learning Foundation | Written by Arpitha Giri, Associate Writer