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Do you feel sometimes that you are not being understood ?

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A corporate setup often observes a significant and prominent distinction between, what is known as the “higher management” and the rest of the employees. Are our teams visualizing the management as an alien element ? Something that can’t be reached out even when things are falling apart? At Kabir Learning, our corporate experience tells us that while creating some differences might be alright, making the management seem unreachable to the employees can become a gigantic problem. This is one of the major reasons why employees do not feel aligned with the vision of the organization. After all, for someone working at a junior level, getting the right image of the vision and the management comes down as a “Chinese Whisper”.

What is ME & WE?

We have been striving toward breaking down such barriers and silos. ME & WE mindset, steers away from visualizing the management and the employees as two separate entities. We believe that all the people working within an organization work towards the same unanimous goal, no matter the job roles. That is why, through a number of sessions, the ME & WE workshop, helps in breaking away from the “ME” aspect and enables towards looking at it as “WE”.

Why is ME & WE beneficial?

At Kabir Learning, we believe that at the end of the day what is important for the corporates is to achieve the vision and work towards the end goal together and that is possible only if the employees feel included by the management, feel valued, and their issues heard. Over the years, our team has worked towards analyzing the root cause of what makes employees feel distressed and barely, surprisingly, the difference between “ME” and “WE” tops the list. We often get so immersed in working towards the numbers that are an indication of the profits, we tend to forget the woes of those who are behind cracking those numbers.

Through our ME & WE workshop, we aim to break down this gap and help build leadership that makes teams feel better connected and do not despise the body that acts as the pillar of the organization. We believe that breaking down this barrier will act as a stepping stone toward an inclusive and happier corporate environment.

Still have questions?

Join our ME & WE workshop to clear your doubts.

Key Takeaways:

Understanding the value of a team

Importance of hearing out the subordinates

Importance of looking at things from leaders’ perspective

Understanding the end goal with clarity

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