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Learning from Devout Artistes

(Self-Development and Team Building Workshops For Individuals, Businessowners, Team Members , Team Leaders , Social Entrepreneurs, Politicians)

Since time immemorial, artists have been held in the highest regard by people across professions. The major reason why this happens is that artists tend to think above and beyond any profession; what they say or preach can be implemented in life, in general. The idea and ideology of Kabir Learning Foundation are based upon the beliefs and philosophies of one of the greatest artistes of all time, Kabir. The experts have curated specialized workshops that are aimed at helping corporates incorporate such learnings into their day-to-day practices and get the desired results. The learnings from the exposure to the life of the Devout Artists is important as it helps explore newer, unfamiliar territory that set examples and imbibes thoughts that help in bringing about uniqueness and innovations.

What is Inspire Dedication workshop?

Kabir Learning Foundation’s, Inspire Dedication workshop has been curated keeping in mind that modern corporations are maddened by data and numbers so much that they tend to forget the humane elements associated with their organization. This workshop is dedicated to reminding organizations that there is nothing greater than the workforce that needs to be paid attention to. While the numbers, profit and loss are of extreme importance, it is also important to take into account the employees’ needs, likes and dislikes, aspirations and ambitions. This workshop is inspired by the learnings of some of the greatest philosophies like Kabir’s dohas, Frans Johansson the Medici effects, Dr. Satish Dhawan and Dr. Abdul Kalam’s views on leadership.

Why do you need the Inspire Dedication workshop?

Through the Inspire Dedication workshop, we aim to imbibe each of these learnings into the belief system of the corporates, who otherwise are driven by numbers. We believe that unless the leadership or the management of an organization is able to perceive the elements of businesses in different ways, employees would continue to feel stuck with a feeling of not being able to seek their growth or sense of fulfillment, whatsoever. What makes this workshop different from almost all other workshops is the fact that, here, we encourage the leadership to get inspired by others. This workshop is a method of deep diving into one’s own self, of reflecting upon how to bring about a change and make a difference in their own life and that of others.

At Kabir Learning, we believe, it is easy to go with the flow and do what everyone else does. But what makes an organization different is its ability to go against the flow and make all the difference. With the Inspire Dedication workshop, we help corporations make an impact, differently.

Still have questions?

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Key Takeaways:

Learn to create uniqueness in the usual (Extraordinary from the so called mundane)

Learn to associate the human elements with all things corporate

Be in the flow, in your elements

Learn to love what you do

Achieve a sense of fulfillment

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