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We have all the data that we need to understand the chaos but we are missing obvious signals. One of the burning issues that have stayed around and made the smartest minds wonder is Climate Change. You might wonder what Kabir Learning foundation got to do with Climate Change, but let us tell you, that YOU have a great deal to do with this issue. To begin with, although there are a lot of human-imbibed factors that lead to climate change, there’s seldom a way that it can be completely avoided.

Although you can always do your bit to prevent this, there are repercussions that you would have to face. It is very similar to how businesses operate. Just like climate change leads to natural calamities, businesses are often faced with similar situations. And as the leaders of an organization, it is important to be prepared.

What is a CLIMATE CHANGE workshop?

CLIMATE CHANGE – Lessons for Leadership, is one such workshop by Kabir Learning foundation, where we prepare the leadership for the most adverse situations. It is important for businesses to stay prepared for any kind of circumstances. From business loss to losing the most competent employees, from getting hit by recession or pandemic to suffering the most unexpected betrayal, a business can undergo any and every form of condition. As a leader, it is important to be prepared. When calamities like these happen, what is it that you do or how do you tackle and get back on your feet, ready to rule again – these are some of the essential lessons imparted in the CLIMATE CHANGE workshop.

Why do you need a CLIMATE CHANGE workshop?

It is easy to start a business, but keeping it afloat and making it big requires patience, determination, perseverance and consistency. These are some of the virtues that come with practice and we help businesses get prepped up for all kinds of situations. One of the biggest examples of how Climate Change and businesses are similar is when the world was first hit by the pandemic. The businesses that had prepped themselves up for the worst have been successfully able to fight it so far, while the others who didn’t have a leadership that had foreseen such circumstances had to give up on their business. Kabir Learning’s CLIMATE CHANGE workshop majorly focuses on situations like this.

We believe that strong yet compassionate leadership can pave the course of a business and determine success and failures. We help corporations channelize their true potential and become great leaders with the CLIMATE CHANGE workshop.

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Key Takeaways:

Preparing the leadership for the opportunities and tough situations

Strategizing for emergencies

Contingency planning (Plan B)

Handling failures and building sustainable success

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